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Finding the Perfect Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in Werribee

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is a course programme that has been designed for continuous knowledge gathering and for upgrading skills for people who are going to or are already working in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector.

Realtime Education & Training Services at Werribee brings to you this unique online diploma in child care and education that equips the learner to deliver a comprehensive and integrated development for young children. This diploma for childcare is perfect for functionaries involved in children’s education and also for teachers who are working with young children in day care centres, preschools, pre-primary classes, and nursery schools. The course can also be a useful tool for those who are planning to set up early childhood care and education centres or who are looking for a post in managing such centres.

Here’s a look at the broad based objectives of the CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care that we provide-

  • To be able to promote, within the community, information related to health, nutrition, children’s early education and safety
  • To develop skills and attitude necessary for working with young children in day care centres, preschool, nursery school and kindergarten or at their own homes.
  • To assist in the development of children by understanding and fulfilling its basic needs.
  • To understand the needs and requirements of children while taking into consideration the socio-cultural background of the child in your care.
  • To develop and design activities in order to encourage and nurture the child’s development needs.
  • To understand and meet the health and nutritional needs of young children while assessing requirements and avoiding any possible inadequacies.
  • To be qualified to identify illnesses that are common among children and be able to take care of a child that is sick.
  • To be qualified to deal with children who require special needs in order to provide better care and any preventive care action

Early Childhood Education Training in Werribee – Getting Your Diploma

CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care offered by Realtime Education & Training Services is available online. There is a course subsidy that is delivered by the Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding under Skills First Program and because of this feature you can enroll for a free child care and education diploma at zero cost.

Government Funding for a free CHC50113 diploma course

If you meet the requirements for the CHC50113 course then you will not be required to pay for the diploma.

But please do note that government funding is available only for individuals who have been deemed eligible. Your eligibility will be determined as per your age, educational qualification, training and citizenship status. There are also some exemptions that have been made available. For more details about the eligibility criteria please visit the CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course description page.

Full Fee Student Enrollment

If you are not eligible for government funding then you will be required to pay a full tuition fee of $11,900. If you are enrolling as a full-fee paying students then you can contact us to get an idea about the current cost and payment plan.

Online Course Certificate

Though the Childcare and Education Diploma course is available online there is an assessment method that students will have to adhere to and clear in order to get their certificates. The assessment method will involve written tasks, class & work place activity assessment and feedback based on third party observations.

You will also be required to complete a total of 28 units. Please refer to the CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course description page to have a looks at the core and elective units that you can choose from.

The CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is a great course to have on your resume if you are looking to kick start a career in children’s education and child care sector. There are many job opportunities and an immense growth potential in this field. Many from Werribee who have applied for this diploma course from Realtime Education & Training Services have their own success stories to tell.

Contact Us

You can also have your own story and career progression by applying for this course. All that you have to do is to write to us at or call us at (03) 8714 1222 to have all your doubts and queries answered. You also have the option of booking an online appointment on the Contact Us page that you can access from our website.

If you want a better understanding of what we do and the other fully funded or government subsidised courses that we offer then you can also visit our office at 5/41-45 Railway Avenue, Werribee, VIC 3030.