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Getting Quality Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in Hoppers Crossing

If you are looking to start a career in Child Care then you should apply for Realtime Education & Training Services’ CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. There is a great need for qualified child care workers and educators in Australia today and the need is at an all-time high. Given the current scenario in this field of specialisation you are almost guaranteed a job.
This online diploma course will offer you certificates that will deem you qualified as a child care professional. The training that you will get during the course will enable you to work with children of different ages.
The choices that this diploma offers you are plenty. The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care will also help you get employment at a day care, school, hospital and even at homes.
This government funded online course has been designed specifically to train you as an educator and a care giver. Diploma in Childcare and Education will help you-

  • To Be Understanding: A bulk of your duty will require you to interact with children while taking care of their learning needs. Teaching children while dealing with their habits and moods is not easy and will require you to be extremely patient with them. You will have to develop a unique understanding for their needs so that the right kind of care and education is imparted to them in the right way.
  • To Be Imaginative: A certain level of creativity is needed while engaging with children. As child educators you will be required to be imaginative while creating content and while planning activities for them. Whatever course you design for them will have to be tailored in a way in order to make the kids participate in them and learn new things. Gaining the attention of the child is the key and our diploma course outlines ways for you to capture it.
  • To Be Engaging: The best way to be friends with a kid is to become a kid. This saying hold true for people who are working with children. In order to truly engage with a young mind you will be required to match their energy and their thought process so that you can understand them better. These skills are usually developed naturally through experience and this is exactly what our childcare diploma offers.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Programs- 4 Great Benefits

The diploma in Childcare and Education gives you the knowledge and training to provide care and education for children. But the utility of this course does not end there. The CHC50113 Child Care Diploma by Realtime Education & Training Services has far reaching benefits that will help you in the long term. Here’s a look at the top four benefits-

  1. Gain Work Experience: One of the biggest advantages of our diploma in childcare is the hands-on work experience that you will gain during the duration of the course. It is mandatory for you to have a minimum of 240 hours of work experience at a regulated Education and Care Service. These mandatory work hours will be supervised in order to monitor your progress and development so that you are well prepared for any real world scenarios. The work experience that you gain will also form a fantastic foundation for your career and it will also help you be confident about your job.
  2. Flexibility: The CHC50113-Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is available to you online. This means that you can do a lot many of your assignments and tasks from your home. This also provides you a great opportunity to manage a job if in case you are self financing your tuition fee or if you are taking up the diploma as a part time course.
  3. Gain Decision Making Skills: While doing your Diploma in Childcare and Education course, you will learn various skills on how to develop curriculum and how to plan on its execution. These necessary skills for management and supervision will also help you in drafting policies as per laws and regulation. In certain cases you will be required to lay out protocols for other staff in a child care facility or an education institution. This skill set will also help you in furthering your career growth trajectory as you engage yourself in bigger projects
  4. No Extra Costs: Diploma of Early Childhood Education and care is a fully funded government course. This free diploma in childcare can be applied for at no cost if you are able to prove your eligibility. You age, educational qualification, prior training and citizenship status is what will determine whether you can apply for course subsidies offered by the government. Since this is an online course there won’t be any significant expenses in purchasing textbooks or other items. This again makes this course cost effective.

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